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Small Dogs & Big Bikes



Greetings again!!

Well, the Cadillac is put away for the winter. Always a kind of sad thing. Getting cold here though.... snow will be flying soon enough, I'm sure.

In fact, I saw some snow, in person, Monday, driving up to a little place called Arbor Vitae Wisconsin. It's near Eagle River, near the UP of Michigan. Drove into an actual snow squall... sobering, to be sure...

And why in the hell would a small doggie drive all the way up there? Glad you asked...

Yep... looking at another bike.

How about this one???

Another shot:

That is a 2007 Harley Davidson Road King Classic. Mint condition. A few thousand miles on it. These pictures came from a dark warehouse, so, they are what they are... but that's white pearlgold over cobalt blue 2-tone. Out in the sun, it's awesome.

It's mine now.... or at least, when I pick it up in spring....


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