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Legends of the Fall



Hello again!

I know, I've been babbling for a month about my truck, and motorcycles... so, just so you know, I still have the Eldorado Touring Coupe, still love it....

I tried to put Fireplug on the car and take the picture... as I'm walking away, a wind gust catches him, blows him off, I caught him like a touchdown pass.... really blasting windy here today...

I just had the craziest experience.... you can't make this stuff up... My Mother calls, the oil light is on in her car. I tell her to check the oil. I am sure I've shown her how to do it. She says (of course) that she doesn't know how. I say okay, I'll be right over, I'll check it.

No, it's too stressful for her, she's taking it to Firestone.

I'm not kidding. She's taking it to Firestone so that someone can check the oil..... The insanity is really starting, with the parents.

Sigh... anyway, the Cadillac is running great. Nothing much to report.


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