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Stick a fork in me!!



Hey, howzit going??

On the Cadillac front, the ETC is running perfect.... I see some head gasket threads are appearing again on the "other" forum... I actually had the thought the other day, that "Gee, my car is running perfect, looks perfect... I should sell it RIGHT NOW before something goes wrong..."

But, knowing me, a half hour after someone drove it away, I'd be cruising autotrader for another one....

Pretty soon, I'll have to park it until spring..... always sad.

It also occurred to me I could see the Eldo and the Envoy, and get an Escalade.... that might soothe the restless Fireplug!

Got the Envoy back from the body shop... they did a real nice job. Real nice.

On the Harley, I finally got fed up with my front fork leaking fork oil, and decided to address that. So I tore apart the whole front end, and replaced the top seals in each fork.... and that didn't fix it. Whoops. Took it apart again and rebuilt both shocks completely. That fixed it. So, I'm basking in the glow of a job well done.

Took Fireplug on a "fall color" ride a week ago... real nice ride. It's been a nice fall. Up here, it's 70 and sunny today.... practically unehard of in late October. Amazing, really...

I should really be doing this from home, I could insert a few pictures... Hmmm, what else.... Nothing much else is going on.

Someone loaned me their box set of "Heroes", the TV series... I'm into disc 3. I have to say, it's pretty cool. Some fun aspects to it. There's this very hot blonde who lives in Vegas, and drives around in a late 50's Eldorado Convertible, red, mint restoration. Super slick. I like her.... I like her car even better.

I see there's a movie out of "Gone Baby Gone". Based on the Dennis Lehane book, I assume. Great book, fantastic. I might have to check out the movie... Kind of a local disappointment, they closed the movie theatre that's right by my house... and now the video store down the street is decimated every time I go in there. Everything is checked out. Those guys who own the videostore should have firebombed the theatre a long time ago.... the closing of the theatre is the best thing that ever happened to them.

I got Halo 3, obviously, I'm working my way though that.... great game. Great. Better than Halo 2, much more in the spirit of the original Halo... except with more weapons, more vehicles, smarter squadmates. A fun game.

I've been trying to buy a new Harley, actually.... I should say, new to me. I tried to buy an 04 Road King Classic a few weeks ago. No dice. Apparently, the showroom wouldn't be the same without it. They were really stubborn on their price. If I'm the sales manager, I'm not sure I wanna look at it every day until next spring, but what do I know??? But for the price difference, I've now shifted my focus to an 07, or an 08 Road King Classic. Only a little more money, and they have bigger motors, and 6 speed trannies in the newer ones.

One of the local casinos is taking advantage of the Packers bye, and they sent me and The Doc some $21 match play tickets... sweet. Road trip tomorrow....

Until next time!


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