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Been Awhile...



Hey, I'm still here!

Been really busy... Been a great summer, but there's no time for blogging on the computer.

Well, on the Eldorado Service front, I did my annual radiator fluid change the other day. Went real smooth. Still using my little wooden homemade petcock rotating tool... still works. I do it every year, to soothe my head gasket paranoia... I mix the Dexcool 50/50 with distilled water.

Costs $21 to do it myself. For that, I'll do it every year and hope for the best...

Also changed the oil. Still using Rotella 15w40. Doing it every 3000 miles... I know, use the oil life monitor... I know. I just can't. The dudes that taught me years ago all said the same thing: "It's cheap insurance!! Oil's cheap!!"

I'm pleased with the Rotella 15w40. I like how the car runs. And it hasn't hurt my mileage at all. I also use AC PF 61 oil filters.

Overall, the Caddy is doing great.

The Envoy is another story.

I put plugs in it, AC... plug #5, going back, is full of oil in the plug hole. Any ideas on that??? What does that mean??

Then the other day, some bozo hit the Envoy in a parking lot.... so that's going to cost me my deductible... nice. I made 2 payments. Damage is minor, and fixable, but still, it was annoying.

Also, here's a little tip for you guys & gals. Going from a Tahoe (full sized SUV) to an Envoy (mid size) is a tough thing. Once you have a full size truck, have no illusions, kids... it's tough to go back. You get used to that big truck feeling real fast, and it's a good feeling. Now I have a small truck feeling, and it's not as good... The Envoy is nice, in it's own way. Very nice. I just find myself looking longingly at Yukons, Tahoes, and Excalades on the road.... and a place opened up by me selling E85 for $2.30 a gallon. A lot of the 5.3 Tahoes/Yukons take E85. I spend waaaay too much time thinking of a full size SUV... So be careful. If you're a big truck person, stick to big trucks. I know the gas is expensive. In retrospect, I'm willing to pay for the gas difference. You get a lot more truck.

Those are my thoughts for the day. Tonight, Lord Football Rises to take his autumnal throne... Yes, the NFL comes back!! Regular season action!! Those first point spreads of the year... aaaaahhhhh!

It's beautiful, isn't it?? So, enjoy the kickoff. I know I will.

Until next time!


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