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Stripped the fittings



ohmy.gif So much for the right tool getting the job done right. Went out and spent $18 on a flare wrench set specifically so I wouldn't strip any of the fittings. Got the flare wrench around the fittings, and it busted 4 of the 6 out just fine like it should have. Two others, despite being soaked real well in PB blaster, remained stuck. Eventually, the metal fitting deformed and edges rounded off before the fitting would break loose! And that's with a snug flare wrench on there!! So... got out the vice grips, mangled one of the fittings and got it loose. The other one just won't budge. I'm just about ready to cut the hard line, get the stupid ABS pump module out, and then deal with repairing the line using some compression fittings in a union. Every which way I go to get this EBTCM out I run into a brick wall. When will it end?


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