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Hard brake line out



Over the weekend I finally go that darned EBTCM out. Ended up having to cut the hard brake line for the front left wheel because the fitting going into the EBTCM was so corroded it stripped, and was so stuck I couldn't even get it out with vice grips.

Once I had the unit out, it was time to separate the abs pump from the electronic control module. Should be a piece of cake with the unit out of the car, right? wrong! Two of the four corner T30 bolts stripped out, and the main center bolt was frozed in crazy. It never came out, despite using a 250 ft-lb impact wrench on full blast after soaking in pb-blaster. I finally resorted to using a cut-off wheel to hack off the end of the bolt, only to find that it is countersunk into the module. This means I would need to drill a pilot hole and then use an easy-out bolt extractor to finish it off. At this point, I said "screw it" (pun intended), and decided to just get an entire replacement unit. Haggled with a junkyard dealer on ebay who's had one for sale forever (keeps listing it each week and never sold it), and finally got him to agree to sell me one for $185, which I feel is fair. So now I just gotta bolt in a whole new unit.

As for that hard line I cut, I went to the parts store and got myself some "deluxe" tube bender pliers for $15, and a 40" section of bubble-flare 3/16" hard line for $4.99. It looks like bending it to match the OEM piece I destroyed should be fairly easy... we will see.


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