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Pulling EBTCM



Tried pulling the EBTCM tonight. There are 4 tiny torx screws holding the EBTCM control modue to the ABS pump. Of course with my luck, the head of one of the torx screws just sheared right off from being rusty and old. So now I gotta disconnect the 4 hard brake lines from the ABS pump, take out the WHOLE assembly, and drill out that one snapped screw. Of course this means bleeding brake lines... more work. Still gotta get those 4 hard line fittings out, which god forbid proves to be a problem. I'm gonna play it safe and not even try to back those out with a regular 14mm wrench... I'm going to go buy a 14mm flare wrench so there's no chance of rounding off the edges on the fitting. Of course I have lots of flare wrenches, but no 14mm to be found...lol.


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