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Replaced 2 window motors



Tonight I replaced the drivers side front and rear window motors. I got them for $19.99 each, used, off of ebay. They were so simple to install! Plugged in the new ones, and voila! The windows were fixed. If only the rest of the project should go so simply and logically.

I also fudged around with my ABS/TCS light illumination issue for a few minutes. Tried messing with the ground wire, but to no avail. The system still shows "No TCS data" when I enter the code reading mode on the DIC. It's GOT to be a bad connection or ground. I'll mess with it more later, it was getting dark so I gave up.

Plus, now I have another big project underway in the garage now that the caddy is out. My wifes 1998 Monte Carlo is under the knife. It started leaking a lot of coolant a few days ago. Found oil residue in the coolant overflow tank, milk chocolate deposits on the underside the the radiator cap and upper radiator hose. The cars 3.1L V6 is KNOWN for failed lower intake manifold gaskets and head gaskets causing this issue. I have it torn down most of the way, and definitely confirmed bad lower intake manifold gaskets. It was all chocolaty around the coolant passage seal point. Still gotta get the heads off, but I'm assuming they're gonna be shot as well. Gotta love old GM cars! You can maintain them like crazy, and they still crap out!


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