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Factory service manuals on ebay



One of the last things to fix on this car is the ABS/TCS lights coming on when I start the car, resulting in a 2nd gear start. Diagnositcs show no TCS data, so I believe there is something going on with the EBTCM or it's connector. Troubleshooting that without a FSM is like letting a blind person drive. It has been done, but it's not easy. (see Eye Rock 500 for a great article on blind people racing... Click here for article.

I decided to hunt down the FSM, and found it on ebay for what I think it a great deal. Click to see auction $74 for a brand new set in the shrink wrap... not bad! They just arrived today, and I flipped to the EBTCM section like a crazed Harry Potter fan dashing through the bookstore isle at midnight to snatch the first copy of the new book off the shelf. Ahh, such good reading, I found a decision tree for my exact problem. Try this. If Yes, go here. If no, try this. And so on, and so on. It is exactly what I needed. For example, one of my prime suspects is a bad ground to the EBTCM. But all I would have done is probe the ground with a test light or a multi-meter for continuity. The FSM outdoes that, by specifying that the ground resistance should be less than 1 ohm. See... I never would have known that! Hail to the great FSM!

On another interesting blog note for those of you still with me, I was a witness to my first ever drive-by-shooting today. I was parking infront of a high-rise slum-lord building on the south side of Chicago today for work. We were going into the building to inspect for asbestos before mechanical room renovations. This gangsta-looking peep walks RIGHT behind the rear bumper of my car, and walks up the sidewalk next to my car. I took note, because he just looked suspicious, as he was continuously looking over his shoulders and all around him. I turned my head back to my papework, when I heard POP, POP, POP! This dude starts booking it, hops in a brand new silver Dodge Charger, and peels out like hell down the street. He was easily going 80-90mph, and it's a 30mph residential street. I am extremely impressed with the Chicago police, because it was not even 30 seconds later, and a squad car was literally flying around the corner. I think it took the corner at like 40 mph, fishtailing and all. By 1 minute, about 20-30 squad cars had totally swarmed in, driving over lawns and everything to box this dude in. He got out of the car with his hands in the air and was immediately pinned to the ground and arrested. It was quite a show! Speaking with the building engineer later on, I was told this is the 3rd drive-by shooting in 3 days. Some sort of back-n-forth gang warfare thing. I do a lot of work in bad areas, but I've never seen anything like this before. It was flat out crazy! And the dude must have missed whatever he was shooting at cuz there was no ambulance or attention to any victim.

Such was my day!


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