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Dead battery



So last night I went to shuffle around cars in the driveway, and the Caddy was dead. I'm trying to figure out what to do about the battey.

When I bought the car, it has a tiny little undersized battery in it, presumably just to move it around. It was previously an auction car, so some dealer probably just threw it in there. It's like 350 CCA or something really low like that.

The Caddy keeps on draining it dry when I let the car sit overnight without being hooked up to a trickle charger. Is this normal? I mean, the CCA shouldn't have an effect on battery voltage when the car is just sitting there. I understand this is why the car cranks over a little slow. But why the battey drain overnight? I had the battery load tested at PepBoys and they said it was good. It has a manufacturing date of 2006.

I have always planned on replacing it with a proper sized battery once the car is "ready" with all the demons fixed. But I am relunctant to drop $85 on a 700CCA battery if the car has some electrical issues that are going to kill the new battery. But then it's catch 20/20, as maybe the undersized battery is causing some of my electrical issues?? I'm getting PCM codes for no data from the EBTCM, and turn signals won't work.

Also, this protection mode where it totally cuts off electric from the car when the voltage drops below a certain value really messes with my head, b/c I would expect to get some sort of dim lights, but I get nothing.

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jcobz28: I think you have found why the auctioning body had a half-size battery in the car. It should last a couple of weeks or more at half size. Check to make sure that one of the visor lights, the hood light, and the trunk light are not staying lit.

If you can check the battery drain, it should go down to 50 mA within a few minutes after shutting off the ignition. If it doesn't, you can pull fuses to find the battery drain.
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