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Bruce Nunnally


Purchased and began integration of Flashchat to our Caddyinfo.com forum. Have the chat links, and the who is chatting working. 5 rooms setup.
This chat has built in transcripts, which will hopefully let us capture good info shared in the chat rooms.
Please try out the new Flashchat Install and let me know what you think.

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Chat transcript archive test:
[] 8:48 pm: especially with BF2 and BF2142
[Bruce Nunnally] 8:48 pm: that makes sense. Even our video runs off remote servers, not here
[] 8:48 pm: thats why i hosted my caddy pictures on imageshack ; )
[Bruce Nunnally] 8:49 pm: yes, lots of free choices so no need to add to the bw here
[] 8:50 pm: ; )
[Bruce Nunnally] 8:52 pm: integrated link into board skin
[Bruce Nunnally] 8:53 pm: do you guys use it on a page like the old one or in a window like this?
[] 8:53 pm: its in a window
[] 8:53 pm: easier to jump between windows that way i suppose

One of the features I am excited about is the ability in the flashchat to save & archive transcripts for later reading.
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