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Topping it off



I filled up today. Cost $3.08 a gallon for premium, total amount came to exactly $50.00. On my way to a friends place I ran over this big stick in the road that I didn't see because it was raining. It made a nasty thud and scared the *smurf* out of me. When I got back I was forced to park outside because my friends had taken the garage, so I got down on my knee's in the pouring ran and looked under the car to check for damage, of which I could find none.

Oh, when I was at Walmart picking up CD+R's I got this great spot right near the door, which was an added plus since it was raining. It just so happened that in front of me another Cadillac was parked. It was a CTS, bright white and sparkling in the rain. The inside, however, was utterly disgusting with food wrappers and garbage on the floor. A single tear rolled down my face as I imagined how much nicer the car could be had the owner treated it with some respect.

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I am not defending messiness, but in our area it has been raining every day or every other day, so that doesn't make for good opportunties to get the car cleaned out well.

I certainly agree that I find that keeping the car nice makes it more enjoyable to drive.
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