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Hey guys, I was at a swap meet on the weekend and went a little crazy! One guy at the meet had all the media information binders from 1994 up to 2001. I had never seen these before. They are a binder full of information about the upcoming model year. The guy that I had purchased these from said that he had received them from a father in law that was a reporter for a car magazine and had had these stored in his office.

I tried to take as good of pictures that I could, if you would like to see anything more detailed about any of the binder or binders you have in mind, just e-mail me and I will do my best to have something for you as soon as possible.

Here is a list of the binders I have and what I'm asking for them in CANADIAN DOLLARS PLUS SHIPPING:

1994 Cadillac (All models) $40

1996 Cadillac (All models) $40

1997 Cadillac (All models STILL SEALED) $50

1998 Cadillac (All models) $40

1998 Seville Only $40

1999 Cadillac (All models) $40

2000 Cadillac (All models) $40

2000 Deville Only $40

2001 Cadillac (All models) $40

2003 CTS Only $40

Here are some links to the pics of the 1998 Cadillac as well as all of them in a group:

1998 Cadillac Media Information Breakdown

1998 Cadillac Media Information Breakdown Page 2

1998 Cadillac Slides Lit Up

All Media Information Kits

Each binder includes a prologue and Cadillac communications contacts (The people that put out the information). There is an overview of each model including who the competators were in that year and who the target market of the cars are. Then there is an indepth evaluation of each model including antyhing and everything about the cars model by model even how many models were put out the previous year and how many they expect to make in the given model year. Finally there is a heritage section talking about the history of Cadillac and all the firsts they have accomplished over the years. There is a CD with all GM high resolution pictures of all of the models of cars, stills and action as well as there are roughly 30-8x10 high gloss pictures in each binder comvering all models. The binders that are model specific have as many pictures but only of that model. There are two pages of slides of the pictures of the cars including engines and drivetrain.

I have to be pretty firm at the prices I'm asking for them because I in turn had to pay quite the price for them myself. I would love to keep all of these for myself but like everything else I have bought it will just sit on the shelf and never be looked at. All binders are in excellent condition, perhaps looked at twice, once by the person who had them before me and again by myself (very carefully). For those wanting to know how much shipping will be, I can ship how ever you would like it shipped be that Fed Ex, DHL, Purolator, Mail. Each binder weighs roughly 7-10 pounds. To check how much shipping will be, my Postal Code is S4R 6X1 in Canada. Feel free to PM, e-mail me at sremezoff@hotmail.com or include your telephone number and I'd be more than glad to call you with all the details of these but evenings are best for me.


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