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Replaced Front Engine Mount


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I replaced the front engine mount today. I put a small hydraulic jack under the exhaust flange to support the engine and was able to jack the engine up using the flange enough to remove the mount. Once all bolts and nuts are removed the engine can be raised. I was very cautious when raising the engine, so as to not over stress the flange.

The biggest problem was lining up the two upper bracket screws. :blink::angry: In order to do this job the floating alignment method should be used. In other words, the trick is to not tighten any of the bolts or nuts until the mount bracket is properly aligned and all bolts and screws are on. This way the bracket can be moved in order to aligned the upper bolts which screw into the cylinder head. Also, make sure you have a good piece of cardboard to protect the radiator since both fans must be removed.



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