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DISABLE Universal Theft Deterrent 93STS


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Does anyone know how to disable the Universal Theft Deterrent on a 93 STS? Arming the factory alarm then unlocking the driver door with the key didn't do it. I did it just like the manual said and it worked but you somehow can still activate it with the door locks on the inside. I just want the thing permenantly off. I tried the GM Vats disable proceedure which worked but only disabled the Pass Key which is stupid. THe alarm still arms and disarms. The Pass Key and the Universal Theft Deterrent are completely seperate from each other. My friend thinks we might be able to ground one of the wires to the Universal Theft Deterrent to trick it in to thinking that the doors are always closed. Anyone ever done this or something simular for my ride? I put a Clifford in there which is cool but if I accidently lock the doors manually from the inside, it arms the factory alarm AKA the Universal Theft Deterrent.... Thanks, ROB

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