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Northstar Engine: '97 VIN 9

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I have a '97 Norhstar engine, I pulled this from a DeVille I purchased cheap.

Upon tearing down, I discovered that someone had used Heli-Coils on it previously, they failed.

This N* used less than 1 Qt. of oil in the 3000 miles I managed to put on it while testing the cooling system. It also had absolutely no leaks anywhere, and the heads appeared to have been re-worked during the previous rebuild/head gasket job (unknown as to what was actually done to it) as they looked absolutely clean.

I assume that Big-Serts would need to be installed as the Heli-coils obviously failed.

(NOTE: During disassembly, the cheap gear puller I used broke through the "backing plate" and plunged into and broke off inside the crankshaft, it would need to be EZ Out'ed to keep from damaging the threads.)

I just hate to see it sitting in my yard thinking that someone, somewhere, could put it to use.

Engine is still clean, however, some rain got into a couple of the cylinders and they have rusted slightly, a light honing should bring it out.

Selling basically for the <price of one head!

All sensors, electrical parts, etc. have been removed!

Price is plus shipping;

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