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Enamel Rims?


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Anyone used any rims like this? I am interested for duranbility reasons. One winter in nothern Indiana, and chrome rims are shot. And I hate having to put crappy looking wheels back on an everyday driver in winter.

My car is a 97 Deville, Silver, with a Black Carriage roof. So I think these wheels would look very good on it.

Any use a type of wheel like this in a snow/salt area? How was the durability? I am thinking the enamel would be fine overall, just worried about the machined areas becuase of the clear coat. But then again, I think the factory wheels were machined and cleared and they have held up decently. Comments?

Pic link to the car is at: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/southbend_st...r=/9d18&.src=ph

IPB Image

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Cool. They are rather cheap. Under $1k for rims and tires, 18 inch. Think I am gonna buy them and tint the windows, and black out the chrome trim along the side of the car.

I hope to see a picture of it !

Michael -

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I assume that the actual wheels you are considering have all five bolt holes and will fit the Caddy? If they have five holes, then is the spoke pattern tighter or what (it can not be the same anyway).

Is the width and offset the same? Meaning, does the inside rim or outside rim go in/out more/less into the wheel-well compared to stock? Will it fit without rubbing at full turn or into full travel over a hard bump?

Perhps you could "PhotoShop" the wheels to your car to get a visual before you buy.

Another thing, if you do not have 18" rims and tires now, then be prepared for a rougher ride. There is simply less sidewall to take up the bumps etc.

Less rubber also means that those nice rims might be damaged easier given the weight of the DeVille as opposed to other vehicles, (and the suspension has to work harder).

In any case, beauty "Is in the eye of the beholder", so good luck.

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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I did photo shop them already (didn't have a good enough program, so I had to go buy the new Adobe one). Pic of the photo shop pic is now included in the link. Did not come out perfect as I could not find the rim with a straight on shot, but good enough to get an idea. With the car being silver and the OE rims being machined...........it is just too much silver.....bland. Offset is virtually the same 40mm........I think. The shop only reccommends wheels they know fit from experience (according to them). I ordered the rims today. Car goes to the tint shop tomorrow morning (Ziebart this time, instead on my Auto One nightmare.....but that is another post). I know about the smaller side wall, I ran 20's on my Durango. I am gonna black out the chrome trim over the weekend. So, probably by the end of next week, I will post up some pics.

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Added pics that include window tint and black-out side trim. I was going to black out with tape, but due to the bevel in the trim, it was too hard to keep the wrinkles out. Therefore I went with Krylon Fushion Gloss Black for plastic. The trim has a thick, plastic laminate over it, and it seemed to bond very well. Rims are not included yet, as I still have not received them. I left one pic with the chrome trim for comparison, but I think it looks much better black.

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