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Wow - - Ya gotta see this one ! ! The word

eccentric comes to mind , buuut - - I didn't say

that - - I sed you gotta see this one ! ! It's a bit

of a read , but look what this beggar did - - and

enjoyed " didding " it !

Nice to have

" MEAN'S "

Auction link

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I find stories like this fascinating. Here are 2 more writeups about AK Miller

I found:


1997 -- In September in East Orange, Vt., Christie's auction house sold

almost $2 million worth of automobiles (including 33 Stutz Bearcats) that

belonged to eccentrics A.K. Miller, who died at 87 a few years ago, and

his wife, Imogene, who died in 1996. The couple left millions more in gold

and silver and other valuables but lived like paupers, sometimes eating dog

food or bread made of flour they had swept off the floor, sometimes

shopping at yard sales, sometimes dressing in rags. As treasurer of his

church, Mr. Miller had once refused to accept a small increase in

electricity rates and converted the entire church to kerosene lamps. The

Millers paid property taxes but no other ones, and the federal and state

governments are now claiming $8.2 million.

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I can only dream of a life like Miller had (The car part that is). I would love to be off the beaten path and be able to collect cars like that. I would have much nicer garages, and probably collect muscle cars (I'd start with AMC cars because they are affordable, maybe a Hornet SST 360 speed car) I would probably have many motorcycles due to their affordablilty. I already have an Aprilia roadracer that I plan on building a display plantshelf for in my next garage! Parts for it are impossible to get, and I may vintage race it some day if I ever find the time and/or money.

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The other thing that fascinated me about Miller was that he collected cars that were built here in my home town Indianapolis. The old Stutz factory/building is located less than one mile from my business. Those bearcats are awesome!

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