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Need Valve Body Torque Specs ASAP Please

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Hi all, I'm doing the infamous shift soenoid replacement today. I thought I brought everything I would need. I brought my main service manual because I thought the second book only covered the motor. Turns out it covers the motor and trans.

I have a 1996 ETC.

If anyone with a northstar repair manual could look up the torque specs for the valve body and trans pan screws I would greatly appreciate it.

I have tried searching for this info of course and the closest I found were posts telling people to make sure they torque it properly, but no specs. I will even take peoples oppinons on the approximate specs. My torque wrench is calibrated in in./lbs.

My service manual is like 100 miles away and I would like to get this job done and done right today.



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For 94 Eldorado: (This may give you an idea but your ETC may be totally different?)

Torque in proper sequence:

Initial: 3 N.M (27 lb.in.)

Intermediate: 6.N.M (53 lb.in.)

Final: 12 N.M. (106 lb.in.)

Make sure bottom pan screw threads are clean of all fluid and dry before installing. First tighten bolts finger tight then begin torque sequence. The 106 lb.in. seems high but it's what the GM Factory Manual states.

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