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Help With Seat Removal and rear brake pads


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Hello fellow Cady owners. I'm currently doing some work on my 1994 STS and need help in two areas.

First I would like to have some leather repairs done to the driver's seat. I do not whish to leave the car at the leather shop as it will take two to three days to complete the work. How do you remove the driver's seat on this car?

Secondly, I would like to replace the rear brake pads. The manual that I'm using isn't very clear on how this is done and what special tad bits are needed. Does some one have a detailed explanation on what is required? Also, if any special tools are required, what are they and where would I purchas them?

Please note that until I owned this caddy I was a novice at car repair. Since then I have done a fair amount of work on cars (namely this one).

Any help in these two areas would be appreciated.


PS this site is wonderful and has been great in helping me maintain my 1994 STS. Keep up the good work.

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