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codes (tx id 050)


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just picked up a '99 STSz for my mom, have a thing for the z option B) . it is giving a code TX ID 050, TX ID 140 what are these, i ran the diagnostics and got a DTC1599 history wich i think is the near stall code. the ID's are the issue. other than that the car is MINT, moonroof, blue leather, and chrome wheels 94k miles at a cost of $9700.00 off of E-Bay. this is my 4th car that has been an Ebay baby. 3 outa the 4 have been good transactions. the 1 bad was a bad but i got a '96 STSz with moonroof and beige leather for $5700.00 . back to the codes what do you think. THANKS!!!!!! William

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