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Seville seat question


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I'm planning on installing a set of front seats from a '00 Seville into another car. I have a few quetions that I could really use the answers to.

1) Does anyone know the basic wiring for the seat so that I can wire it up without frying anything?

2) I'm not installing side airbags so I don't need any details on that specific wiring other than what color the wires are for the airbags. I'd hate to accidently wire airbags to the ignition.

3) Another thing that I'd appreciate is knowing more about how those self adjusting seats work. I know sensors are used to adjust airbags in the seat, but is the computer for it in the seat or is it the BCM that controls it? I'd love to add that option since I go on long trips every summer, but I don't want to wire in a BCM if I don't have to.

4) If I need a BCM for the seats then can anyone tell me what else the BCM controls? If I'm going to go through the trouble of putting it in for seats than I may as well get a few other features to go with it.

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Here is the diagram for the motors and memory bits[attachmentid=2356]

And here is the one for the "exploding" bits[attachmentid=2357]




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