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My coolant change nightmare


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Well, I got the coolant, BARs additive, a flush system, and distilled water. I needed to flush the system because the car (97 Deville) has basically set for 3 years and the heater core was clogged. I flushed the heater core, then flushed the entire system. No problem. Then I added the coolant/additives. Well, there was still more water in the system left then I anticipated, so when I check it was only protected to -10 degrees. I know for a 50/50 mixture it should be roughly -34 degrees. So I had to take it back apart, drain a gallon, and add a gallon of coolant plus a couple more Bars pills. Fine, but in that process, I broke the MAF housing flange right off when removing the air box (cheap azz plastic). So now I have a nice clean coolant sytem, and a spare MAF sensor to boot. Oh well, atleast it is done and there is hot air coming from the heater now. But at extra expense---money and time.

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