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1994 PCM Replacement


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Thanks for all of your help with troubleshooting my STS.

Since my PCM service number is "on the list" of PCM's that should be replaced, what number should I be sure to get with the new one? When I ordered my replacement "remanufactured" PCM, they asked for the service number so they could match it. I guess that is no surprise why I had problems with the replacement.

They said that they will replace that one, but I will need a new service number. Based on how dirty the old one was, I'm a bit nervous to use them again. If I eat the shipping/stocking fee with the last one I bought and go straight to GMPARTSDIRECT, will they know the replacement number that I will need for the '94 STS? Is this a part that was recalled? Is it possible that the dealer would cover replacement?

Thanks again guys,


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