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Transmission whine

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Greetings. I've been lurking here/old board for a few months and decided to finally surface/join. Great board.

My 99 Concours has 58K miles and has had this issue since I purchased it with 49K miles on 11/02 and under factory warranty thru 02/03. During the last 1K and 3 months I had before my warranty ran out I was at my local dealer (Williamson in Miami) weekly having things taken care of. Warranty covered almost all TSB's out at that time except they wouldn't do the upgraded main crank seal. One problem that I was unable to get resolved was this noise that my car makes which comes from the transmission case and is like a whine or hum. I took it to an independent tranny shop to get an opinion and they felt it could be torque converter bearing related. The noise doesn't have any related drivability problems and the dealer's service manager finally told me that he would take care of me if a problem arose in the next year after my warranty expired. I realize that this may not happen but that was the best I could get them to do. To this day no related problems have come up but I would like to know if anyone here can shed any light on this. It's a constant sound that is directly related to engine speed although only audible when idling. It does this in Park, neutral or any other gear. One thing that I have noticed is that when slowing down just before I stop, if I shift to neutral while the car is still rolling, it feels like the tranny slows the car down a bit. I installed an auxiliary transmission cooler (only bc of the hot climate here, I don't tow with this car) in series in front of the condenser and am using Mobil 1 synthetic ATF, when I did this install I noticed the car would take longer to get to normal operating temp. Also changed the tranny filter at that time and noticed no abnormal conditions. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any input you may be able to provide.

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