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Passive struts / shocks and OBD


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Took the time to run several experiments with the OBD and CVRSS in my '98 Seville. My struts and shocks currently pass the OBD tests. I wanted to know what value of resistor would satisfy (fool) the OBD should I decide to install passive struts or shocks on my car.

To make a potentially long story short; a 4.7k Ohm, 1/2 Watt resistor inserted in the chassis connector (where the strut damper valve should connect) will pass the OBD test. Radio Shack part # 271-1124 for a package of 5 resistors ($0.99). I expect any resistance of 1k Ohm or more "should" do the trick, but I wanted to work with 1/2 Watt resistors and I started with a higher value as my first guess.

I doubt if this will work in '97 and previous Sevilles because the damper valves are different. And I have no idea if it will work on newer models with Magnetic Ride Control type struts and shocks.

If some of you want to read my theory and methodology, I can type a longer version.


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