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Putting the old girl to rest...


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Hey all members; I have been off a while...

December was a bad month for me. I lost my father to heart failure at 75, we blew the head gasket on my lady's Neon (normal for Neons but...grrr what timing) and then my old girl blew a brake line while I was approaching an intersection with my 4 kids in the car. Clear, sunny, dry road...

By the time I had checked the right side and swerved to miss the '97 Ford Escort in front of me, I caught her right corner and ripped off her entire rear bumper... now the good part: no injuries anywhere, no airbag deploy: just damage.

The Caddy is missing the headlight and corner marker on the driver's side, has a small dent in the hood above where the headlight used to be and a cracked left front fender (plastic). The bumper and turn signal are intact but the top of the bumper plastic is rubbed. The grill is untouched... I ALMOST missed her... darn.

No charges by the police but a $150 tow home to the mechanic I use in the winter if need be.

He lifted her up and the underside is pretty tired. He recommended all new brake and fuel lines and then we found the right front lower a-arm mount on the frame was pretty rusty too... off to the body shop for a rebuild... I don't think so. I drove her home late at night on the back roads and only had to stop once... still has brakes but... I spent a lot of time contemplating her future.

I just can't justify spending another $1500 (at least) on this old girl. I am seriously thinking of laying her to rest.

Check the forum classifieds for my ad for parts or email me your requests if you have any. I plan on keeping some of the parts (brand new 215/65/15 whitewalls, magna cat and muffler, 2 week old battery, aftermarket stereo) but the rest are up for grabs at your price. I can send pics to whomever is interested in specifics... the body is in excellent condition considering our climate and road treatment here... very minimal body rust to be found.

It is a sad day but I hope to pick up an ETC this summer (always loved the looks of that one)... that or a V-rod (Harley)...

Mike P

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Sorry for the delay in response there...

The interior is light grey... the front seats are quite worn but the back ones are good...

I guess it might depend what you were looking for from the inside as to whether it might be good enough for you to use...

Mike P

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