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I might be buying an 83 Toyota Supra. The body is in good condition and the interior is pretty decent. I like the car alot... he has made lots of modifications and I like it alot. It has 112,000 miles (not alot for a toyota)

Only one problem- The engine timing is off because the Bushings and the Hydraulic lifts are bad...He said the chain is fine...

he already has all the parts to fix it so all I would need to pay would be labor...

Would this be real expensive to fix, and does this show indication of any other serious engine problems

Thank you for you help :D


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I know, i know... I apologize for the off topic post....

And nope I don't plan on selling my Coupe Deville.... Its an 85 not an 83. :rolleyes:

I knew that you guys know alot about cars in general so I figured I'd ask.

Thanks guys

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