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94 Seville EBTCM/BPMV

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I have for sale a used combination EBTCM/BPMV with plug connector from a 1994 Seville SLS. I originally bought it not realizing that it wasn't the correct application for my 96 STS. I am asking $250 which is what I paid, and will pay for shipping. (it's heavy) To ease any worries, the buyer can send a check that I will hold for 30 days giving them time to test the unit. If for any reason during that time you aren't satisfied with the functionality, you can send the unit back and will return your check. The EBTCM list new for $1200 and the BPMV for $1800. I too am not ready to come off the hip with this kind of cash, so if anyone out there has a EBTCM/BPMV combo that is correct for my 96 Seville STS Please contact me at stlthbmr@yahoo.com


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