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Very tough headlamp cover material !!


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My '04 DTS was attacked by a large section of retread tire that was laying on the Interstate road surface and thrown at me by the car I was following. The rubber hit the top part of the bumper cover and then the headlamp and finally under the front wheel to be tossed up again to hit the bottom section of the front door.

Three hits from one 18 wheeler retread!

What impressed me was the headlamp cover did not break; did not even crack. The high beam bulb was broken and an internal plastic divider-reflector piece between the head lamp bulbs and the park lamp section was broken along with all three (plastic) headlamp to body mounting brackets.

The headlamp is toast because of the mounting brackets. But, if I could fabricate the brackets, the headlamp would be perfectly fine!! The black marks from the rubber were 100% removed using toothpaste.

I wont know about the paint on the bumper cover and the door until I get it home and cleaned up but I hope a little polishing and TLC will erase the evidence.

OK; I was following a little too close at (a little more than) the posted speed.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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