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thinking about a trans flush...????

Guest bbobynski

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I was wondering about your experience with transmission additives / fixes that remove varnishing and deposits inside the transmission gears & clutch, with additional claims to fixing leaks.

The varnishing issue is easily explained as long as the varnishing agents are oil soluble, test data should provide support to claims there.

Typical transmission seal materials (buna or other elastomer) may be prone to swelling with certain chemicals, so the seals swell once they come in contact with the additive.

I understand the basis for the claims, and believe there is technical data to prove they will improve the gearbox condition after some years of operation. Just wondering if you have heard of any sucess stories. Lucas Oil has a transmission fix product that I have heard some good reports on, i.e. tranny used to slip, now it doesn't kind of stuff.

By the way, nice note on the octane. I am an engineer at an oil refinery and you beat me to my comments....

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Used to build trannys during the '80s (before I got this bright idea to go to college)

and the number of customers in for rebuilds that had previously had their trannys

flushed was amazing.

It would happen w/GM and Mopars but much more frequently w/Fords.

When we opened them, the fluid would be 'clean' but the seals hard or split,

to your point that folks get their trannys flushed as a cure for real problems.


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