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Transmission Valve

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Ok I have a 94 DeVille Concours and I was getting the error code P039. which when looked up says its a Torque Converter Clutch Engagement Problem. Ok so I ask the dealer about it. He says that its a problem with a valve on teh transmission. I ask how much. He said the part is just over $100 :D but the labor involved on some of those transmissions would push the total over $700-$800 :( . Ouch!! it only acts up once in a great while. One of the apparent symptoms of that valve would be a hard shift between 3-4. but I'm seeing it between 1-2 and only intermitantly (sp?). According to him he's seen people drive them like that for years with no more problems so I should just leave it, but if it starts doing it all the time to have it done or risk the transmission. Has anyone ever had this problem or anything similar. Also does the advice of just leaving it sound like sound advice or should I get it done anyway.

Thanks for he help


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