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Did I mess up?

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Short Story...

About a week ago I was going around a hairpin curve on a wet road, lost my traction, and hit my left front wheel against a curb pretty good. Luckily, I didn't break the tire bead seal, and was able to drive the car to a tire shop with it pulling slightly to the left. Anyhow, it appeared the bracket the lower left control arm swivels from on the frame (via a bushing), was slightly bent. I took the control arm off this weekend, and had a heck of a time getting the control arm bushing bolt out, as it interfered with the engine mount. I had to "cock" the bolt as I twisted it out, .... it was a real pain.

Anyhow, after I had straightened the bracket and proceeded to re-assemble the lower control arm, I proceeded with tapping the bushing bolt back in at angle, to get it started. Low and behold, one tap was a little too hard and the hex head of the bolt pierced the rubber coating on the engine mount, and what appears to be hydraulic oil slowly starts seeping from the engine mount. It only leaked about a tablespoon full, but what I gather is the engine mount is a rubber-coated steel or aluminum tank with some sort of hydraulic fill, for damping purposes or such.

So far, I have not detected anything abnormal, no excessive engine vibration.

Question: Anyone know how big of a problem this is?

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