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Coolant spilling, Suspension


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Hi everybody!

I have some questions that I hope you can help me answer.


For about three months I have been smelling like coolant in my car, and 2 times I noticed that coolant is going out from the tank (The gauge was right in the middle, so motor wasn´t hot at all). I´ve checked hoses, water pump, thermostat housing and everything is normal.

I think that maybe the cap is failing and not being able to contain the pressure ¿?


I replaced all 4 struts last year, I also replaced the compressor since the riginal failed (Solenoid Valve open code).

I feel like the car is not being lifted in the rear, I can hear the compressor that turns on very often, but my opinion is that there is air leaking because once is leveled I should stay there, right?

Is there a way to make the compressor lift a little bit more (adjust level), I´ve seen other STS´s that are more lifted that my car.

I hope you can help me out with this.


Carlos Garza



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