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Scams........A sucker born every day


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:lol: Well lets ponder this topic "AGAIN" as this has been tackled over and over again. I remember talking about these bogus scams way back in 2001 on the old caddy info webpage. Lets take oil additives for example. Companies that marketed this snake oil(slick 50, duralube, XR something?, whatever, blah, blah) were forced to pay MILLIONS of dollars by the govt. because they couldn't back up the bogus claims. Once the companies paid their fine they were allowed to market this sludge again and soak consumers again. Hmmm, Does anyone remember the infomercial with the car running around the track with NO oil in it? All you needed was one tablespoon of this wonder product and your car can go oil free. Or how about the engine trapped in the block of ice? Wait! let us not forget the pouring of sand over the rocker arms of a motor while it was running. Like that proves anything. But lastly, not only does your car require no more oil, but you can cut the radiator hose also. Who needs coolant when your engine has miracle oil. Ahhh the tornado, the wirly gig that improves HP and gas mileage. How simple(no not the sucker who bought it) the design of this contraption.

I think I'm going to turn my 1980s cimarron into a real sleeper with this stuff. LoL :lol:

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KDADDY has hit the nail on the head......GM (all mfgs) struggle to to get 1-2% gains in fuel econ and the tornado claims 10-20% with their contraption???Come on!


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