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Gas Tank Removal


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Hello All,

I'm a newbie here on this new board, but I've posted to the old board before.

I've got a 1993 Deville with 256k+ miles on it, looks great.

When the fuel level in the tank gets below 4 or 6 gallons, the engine will stall when taking a sharp corner or stopping quickly in a straight line. It never happens when accelerating hard. I've also had it stall on me when going down a long mountain - I've had to coast down to the bottom of the mountain before I could restart it. Also, when it gets warm outside, she will stumble a lot and sometimes quit when climbing hills, no matter how much fuel is in the tank. When it's hot outside, she'll stumble and quit no matter if I'm on level ground or climbing a hill regardless of how much fuel is in the tank.

I've replaced the FPR, but the problem remains. I think the problem is the gas tank or fuel pump. I also suspect that the fuel pickup tube may have been displaced when the vacuum relief valve malfuctioned, causing the tank to collapse. Perhaps the baffles inside are crushed or displaced, too. I might have to replace the tank. Perhaps the rubber tube on top of the pump that leads out of the tank is leaking.

I've crawled underneath the car and I'm wondering what's the best way to remove the fuel filler hose that connects to the tank. All the clamps are squirreled away up above the left rear suspension. Is there a trick to it? Or do I just go for it and remove every clamp and screw in sight on the filler tube and start yanking and pulling until it comes off?

Once I remove that and loosen the bands that hold the tank up, will the tank just drop down? I understand the the front of the tank will just "pivot". How to drop the front portion of the tank? Just lift up on it? That's not clear from the Factory Service Manual.



1993 Deville

256,200 miles

2003 Seville STS 43k miles with the Bose Sound, Navigation System, HID Headlamps, and MagneRide

1993 DeVille. Looks great inside and out! 298k miles!

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