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Last night on the way home, I bought a NAPA electronic flasher. Then the search was on! Ha! Their flasher is round, about an inch long with two gold prongs sticking out like plug. Anyway, I figured out on the way home that the location had to be inside the car, otherwise I wouldn't hear the blinking noise. I removed the black panel by the foot pedals and the gray panel under the steering column. All the gray panel exposes is another black panel which I didn't remove. I thought I would wait and check the replies today. I turned the hazards on and still couldn't locate where the blinking noise originates from!!! Is the location of the black box you refer to going to be on the back side of the instrument panel? Thanks!!!

Mark McDermott

79 Deville 84,000

97 Deville 279,000 :yupi3ti:

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