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Good things come in pairs


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Here's my favorite post.

Got the '97 running (again - thanks to everyone on the forum that helped!) and we bought a 2002 Deville while I was repairing the '97.

Naturally, the '97 has become "my" car and my wife has claimed the '02 as her transportation. ;) I like the '97 better for interior room, so it works out OK.

I'll keep you updated on how things go. The traction control light ame on todaya nd the cruise control stopped working but I think (hope) it was related to a bad connection at the ABS unit. Removed the connector and cleaned it, then checked the ground on the ABS unit. I'll know more in the AM when I get on the road. :)


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That is so funny, cause the same thing happened in my household too!

I was working on my 94 Deville, and I baught a 97 D'Elegance and the wife claimed it too!

I have a ton more room in the 94 so I like it better for me.

Funny too Mine is white, and the wifes is silver too.

Big Jay

Life is too short to grow up!

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