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Srx Now ?


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I noticed you're driving a SRX now. Sorry, if I have not noticed that this has been your ride for some time.

What engine? Hows the power?

What do you like the best about the car?

How's the AWD and handling compare to your many and various other rides?

My wife has expressed some interest in an "Uppity" (her words for a small SUV).

Keep in mind that this a short, 'particular' gal who confounded an anxious, exasperated young salesman - who finally said "So what you really want - is the perfect cup holder with a car wrapped around it." Exactly! she said. :P

Our friends and neighbors have a new Buick Rendezvous or something similar. Does the SRX share any body/frame assembly with Buick, Chevy or Pontiac models?

Sorry about all the questions, but as it states in "Guru" job description, be ready for questions... ;)

Thanks :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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To what i know of the SRX doesnt share anything with chevy, pontiac, and buick only cadillac. From what i remmember the pontiac aztec is the same as the buick rendezvous. I have to look into chevy.

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