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EFI programable controller


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Hey guys, this is a website for a very peculiar item, its a programmable efi controller that u can build yourself, that i assume, takes the place of your own efi system and is completely controlled via software on a laptop, applications would be for superchargers turbos etc... Can someone tell me if this is a possibility for the northstar?.... particularly the sts from 96 and after with that hard to crack pcm that xms is trying get going right with the S/C....im really interested in it, heres the website thx for any input.....


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My feeling is that it would be a huge step backwards from the stock PCM in many ways. First off, there's no provision to control the 4T80-E, no support for the Northstar DIS, and the injectors are batch-fired. There's probably a way to make it work with the stock crank sensors, but you're still faced with a LOT of development and driveability work. I think GM spends years on the ignition timing, fuel control, etc. for a given family of engines. After getting the basics to an acceptable level, you're still faced with a relatively simple controler that lacks a lot of the stock control features like cylinder deactivation for torque management and over temperature protection. There's also the issue of keeping all the other computers happy; I don't know if Megasquirt has enough hardware for serial data communication with other modules like the BCM, IPC, ACM, etc., and even so, you'd have to write the code to make it work, after figuring out the protocol.

I wonder if they've tested Megasquirt near an illegal radio station antenna. :)


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