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New phone install idea


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Some of you may know my Motorola setup and my quest for discovering new and creative ways to integrate it into my vehicle. Currently, my setup includes a speaker hidden within a hollowed out flipdown ashtray, a mic integrated into the small panel above the radio unit, and the phone bracketed next to the radio unit. I have a few pics of it at the bottom on my CarDomain page: 2000 Seville

The missing portion of my masterpiece :P is a hidden, yet convenient spot for the phone. I have had a phone mounted next to the radio, next to the driver's knee, and inside the armrest (a little too involved to use while driving). I recently started toying with the idea of integrating the phone into the flip-out cup holder assembly... and this is where I ask for help.

Anyone who owns a Seville knows that the cup holders suck, they just do. 92-04 all of them. I don't use them very often, and when I do I have to use the passenger side because of the way I sit and I always be ready for a spill... My plan is to basically use the space of the driver side cup holder for the phone install - and here my problem arises...

I am willing to alter all aspects of the cup holder assembly except the bottom piece that is visible while closed. I have determined (ie eyeballed) that there is enough space so that the phone and its cradle may fit within the unit and it will still function properly. While my phone's functions are all voice activated at the touch of a button, there is still a need to see the phone while receiving a call. The problem here is that the phone is out of best position for ease of visibility and use on the road.

I need to fashion a device that will allow the phone to be raised and or pushed forward while the cup holder is open, and be able to fold in while the unit is closed. I've thought of some sort of scissor lift deal and some sort of sliding rail system, but the coolest thing would be if it acted with the motion of the cup holder unit... I press in, the unit folds out and the phone is raised into position - very slick.

If you guys could think of anything that might be of use or have any basic ideas that would aid me in coming up with such a device I would really appreciate it. I know there are some experienced mechanical and technical minds around here that could come up with something. Levers, rails, springs, erector set parts, anything! :D

Thanks in advance guys if you have any ideas.

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I'm not sure of the reason that you need to see the phone's keypad or display. But I would consider porting the phone's display to a "HUD". At least your eyes will be on the road a bit.

I believe there are some HUD kits available and perhaps some real sharp person has figured how to input various data streams into the Heads Up Display.

A picture of the phone handset or whatever you are trying to finangle might help others.

Most car phones have been replaced by portable cell phones around here. Does this phone stay in the car, or is it a portable phone? What model # etc?

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I apologize for not being more specific.

It is the Motorola V265 - a clamshell style phone with external caller ID. It is my main cell phone and goes with me everywhere. There are a few pictures of this phone, my previous phone, and the car-kit components on the CarDomain page I linked above.

The phone system in my car is basically a Motorola port replicator. It includes an external antenna, mic, speaker, and also powers the phone and charges the battery.

It does have an auto-answer setting, but I prefer to know who is calling by caller ID when I answer a call. I also want to avoid having both a cell phone AND a "car phone." My Seville has neither On-Star nor the factory integrated phone.

Dialing the phone is as simple as activating the voice command button, choosing a dial option, and stating the name or telephone number I want to call. There is no need to see the phone or even open it. I have done some research looking into the possibility of some sort of external controller that could go between the phone's data/power ports and the car-kit's junction box but have found nothing.

A HUD unit would be an interesting option, I will have to look in to what is available.

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