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N* going back in


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HI all,

Attached are a couple of shots of my reworked '97 Deville N*.

Finally got time to drop it back in the car. Hooked up the wiring harness connections under the car tonight ( cat O2, main O2 and trans speed sensor). Did this on my back and I was ready to get vertical after an hour or so of laying on the hard concrete.

AI installed new head gaskets, all new seals (including the splitcase), transmission main axle seals converter seal (and pump shaft o-ring!), transmission sump screens and main filter, side cover, lower pan gasket and a new expensive-to-get-at-after-the-engine-is-in-the-car transmission speed sensor - oh yeah, put on new engine mounts, and all new hoses.

Need to finish everything up top now. Working on the water manifold and EGR tomorrow. I plan on changing the water pump as well since it was leaking when the head gasket popped (just in case).

Let's talk jury-rig for a minute. I couldn't get access to a seal driver for the tranny, so I visited the local hardware store and bought a 1.5" galvanized pipe section, cap and a flange fitting. This worked very well as a seal installer for the converter and axle seals. A few pops of the hammer and they were seated!


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