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my cruise control not working properly!


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when my cruise control is engaged going up hill about 70 mph it drops back down to about 55 or 60,and when i depress the accel button it won't accel properly (very very slow)please can anyone help me? it works fine other than that. :unsure:

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I had the same problem on one of my GM vehicles a few years back, and the solutions was rather simple.

There is a cruise control linkage cable their runs between the throttle body and the vacuum billow that actually "pushes on the gas pedal". if there's too much slack on a linkage it will not be able to pull the gas pedal all the way down. if you look at the billow side you can squeeze it and see it move the throttle body, this is where you can also adjust the cable tension.

when I adjusted mine, I pulled it to the point that it was taught, but not actually exerting force on the throttle body, and then backed off one notch so there was no way the unit could accidentally attempt to hold the throttle open.

another strange one I had on my 93 was that the cruise would randomly turn itself off (disengage), after not being able to find a faulty component, I removed and cleaned every fuse related to the body computer and that seemed to take care of the problem (the problem had gotten pretty consistent, and since doing this it is not reoccur the last month, I use the cruise several times a day)

hope this helps


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