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trouble codes 1993 sedan deville


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I've been trying to get this Caddy going for about a year...had to get a title through the abandoned auto process... I figured out how to get the trouble codes. Now I need to figure out what they mean.... I'm getting E21,E40,E52,E90,E.E. then they start all over but leave out the E52...The second round they come up as E21,E40,E90,E.E. Anyone got a clue?

I'm also having the "Service SSS" light coming on... what's that mean?

One of the other problems with this car is the parking brake does not release when I take it out of park.... I found the vaccum thingy and checked the vaccum line and it all appears to be okay....I have not checked it with a vaccum pump yet but will be doing that soon.

One other problem is that the fuel gauge only shows 3,4,or 5 gallons of fuel when I filled it up today.

I've definitely inherited a problem... this car was broken into, had no keys when I got it, I received it as payment for a job. The burglar had the switch and security gizmo ripped apart so I took out the alarm system and put the wires back where I thought they should be. It had a Viper security system in it. I do a little locksmithing and was able to get the codes to have a key made for it by a local dealer. The original owner is in a nursing home and no one knows where the original keys are.... but now I'm stuck with this nice car which probably has wiring problems since I found rat poop on the engine and a couple of wires chewed. Nice "project car", huh?

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E21 Shorted Throttle Position Sensor

E40 Open Power Steering Switch -- Under Engine on Rack & Pinion

E52 PCM Memory Reset -- loss of power to PCM

E90 VCC Brake Switch Signal Problem

Service SSS One or more struts have a problem.

I can copy and send online pages from 93 Deville Service Manual If you need to determine wiring or what tests to determine cause of each problem.



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From memory, I can't tell you what your codes mean, but I assume that the other person who posted has his manual handy, as I do not.

The parking brake has a manual release lever located very close to the actual arm of the parking brake. It is not overly spring loaded, but when "feeling for it", keep a hand on the pedal because you can "wrench a finger" if you "pop it" unexpectedly. Selecting reverse or drive normally releases the parking brake. But if it does not release, "feel" for a cam located to the immediate right of the arm. It is not overly heavy or well sprung. But "find the arm" with your hand, and feel for the release lever on the immediate right of it. It is not "too deep" underneath the dash either.

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Thanks guys. I had to splice in a piece of wire to feed the rats again. I coated everything I thought may be naked with liquid electrical tape and re-taped the whole thing... so far it is going pretty good. I cleared the codes and drove it a little. It is weird but after I cleared the codes the fuel gauge light showed Full, which it is and has been acting erratically lately, mostly shows E, 3, 4, or 5. I cleared the codes a few times and gambled a little bit pushing alot of buttons but eventually it kinda gave me an F then while driving it came down to 15 gallons which is about correct. Still it went back to the E,3,4,5 reading a time or two and I think it is now reading 15. When I came up the old bumpy driveway it died in the same place two times as I was making a circle around the block. This time I checked the codes and got a 31 for MAP sensor... I haven't a clue where to look for that one but I'm sure I'll find it...

As for the park brake release, I know where the manual release is, but my girlfriend hates to get down on her knees in the parking lot to release it...So, I'd sure like to fix this thingy if anyone can provide the schematics of the parking brake release thingy or vaccum diagram or some pretty pictures. Other than that I think this little summer project is about complete except for a couple of cans of garnet red spray paint from Autozone I'm about done with this tank.

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