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Stereo unit?

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I can't seem to find a stereo install kit for a 96 Seville anywhere. I found this kit on ebay for a 96-99 deville dash install kit and was wondering if if might possibly fit a 96-97 seville. Are they the same or is there too many differance's for this to fit? Thanks.


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Well that depends... I don't remember exactly when the transition was, but do you have the newer style interior found in the 98+ Seville or the older style (92+)

If you have the newer radio unit I would imagine you're all set.

If you have the older style, then unfortunately I believe that it is a completely different size and shape. The newer unit's space is taller and has contoured sides. I had the older style in my 93, which was relatively short in height and had straight edges behind the trim piece around the radio.

Of course I may be incorrect, I don't have my 93 anymore and I don't have any measurements to go on.

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