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Alarm/Remote Start installed


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I just finished up installing a remote start/alarm system on my '96 STS. So far everything seems to be working great. I took my time tracing down wires and comparing the wire color list I purchased to the FSM. The purchased list is fairly accurate, but not perfect. I definitely recommend consulting a FSM to verify wire color and location. I've got roughly a 1000' range on the transmitter with the car sitting in the garage, so I would guess that it would do better out in a parking lot. No more crappy performance from the factory RKE! It took me several weeks, working an hour hear and there do do the install, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did it myself. I soldered and heat shrank just about every connection (I admit it - I cheated and used wire taps on a few trigger wires). The only sign of the installation is the antenna on the windshield and the warning LED in the defroster grill. I definitely could have had an installer do it faster, but I have a total of @$225.00 in the system and none of the local installers could come anywhere close to that price for a comparable system.

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