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My 19 yo son has finally noticed the STS and ETC and I am going to try to help him find a nice one to go back to college in. I feel that I want as much steel around him as possible while at college considering that he is an inexperienced driver, and in a car that has extraordinary performance. Plus its a cool car for him and his dad is knowledgable about it (a big benefit). He goes to school in snowy Mass and they drive like NUTS up there on the highways!

Anyone interested in selling their 92 through 94 STS or ETC, let me know. My initial reaction is to get him a 92 with the 4.9, but if it comes from someone on this board who has maintained their 93 or 94 (NS) I think it would be a much better risk than buying one out of the newspaper where the history and maintenance is unknown. He is in New York City, but I think we will go anywhere for the car within reason, Thanks, Mike

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Hi Mike , I might be selling my 93 sts depends if I find what I'm looking for (family vehicle,caravan or something) , if you are interested give me a call , and I will give you all the details. Its probably worth the look. or e-mail me with your # and I will give you a call.

Nick_Vasile@sonymusic.com or my cell 917-301-8403.


93 Sts


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