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service CCR on 1991 Seville


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I have read the info Document #740707 posted on another page, but I do not have access to a Service Manual, so my question is: Does Service Manual page 8D-12 have any more info that I will need to disable the warning system other than what was posted in the document? Document #740707

Info -- Procedure to Disable Illumination of Service Indicator AFTER installing Passive Struts #00-03-11-001A

1991 Eldorado and Seville with Computer Command Ride (CCR): Refer to the Service Manual page 8D-12. Set the BCM override value BS09 to 0 by using the warmer and cooler buttons. Store this value by pressing the Econ button on the climate control panel and the Instant Econ button on the Fuel Data/Drivers Information Center for about five seconds. The new value will be stored even through the indicator does not flash. Remove the key from the ignition. Disconnect both battery cables from the battery. When both cables have been disconnected, touch the ends of the cables together and hold for five seconds. This will discharge the capacitors in the system and allow the system to perform properly when the battery cables are reconnected. Advise the customer they will have to reset all radio stations and clock.

Thank you for any help. ranebeen@aol.com :rolleyes:

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