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HELP /Driver Door Won't Lock /alarm install


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Ok, to make a long story short, trying to make my factory alarm work in sync with my new Clifford G5 alarm. While trying to get the locks to work from the Clifford remote, the drivers door will not lock, but it will unlock. Any ideas on what I can do? I have to bring it back to my friend next week. He's the one installing it and trying to tie the two togeather. So what do you think? Is the power door lock motor gone bad for the drivers door lock? Or is it the actuator thing? I think he said it cant be that because if it goes up, it can go down too. Any fuses I can check or anything while I'm waiting? Can I peel off the door panel and bang on it or anything like that? I dont have a test light, thats the only thing. I thought someone said you could test the actuator with a 9v battery.

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