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4.9 water pump - retail $188


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I have to travel to D.C. next week so in checking out the old car for the trip I found the water pump had some side play in it which explains the growling noise it has been making lately. I had checked this pump previously because of the noise but had not yet found it deficient. Being a regular here on the forum I knew that the OEM pump was the only way to go. My local dealer offered the pump at $188 but after jollying the guy up a bit I got it for $168 plus tax. (Truly a shock for me as I am used to rebuilt pumps for $15) Well I decided to pay the extra over the internet price because I have to use the car next week for a long trip.

I found all of the fasteners were loose. The large 15MM and the torx fasteners were only finger tight. Yet there had been no leaks from the pump just noise from the bearing.

'bout a year ago we had one of the fellas post about replacing his 4.9 pump in the parking lot of a motel. It provided incentive to me to get this thing changed before the trip. Sir, my hat is off to you. This is not a job I want to do in a parking lot.

Another tip of the hat to Mr. "bbobynski" for explaining why I want an OEM pump for the 4.9. I'm dense but I do learn if properly instructed.

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I had to replace mine in my apartment parking lot. Had to buy a Felpro gasket too, but I only paid $30 for mine (water pump) at Autozone. Worked fine for the 50K plus miles that I've put on it so far...


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